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 Welcome to the new website for…
The Museum of Western Film History

Yes…a new website to host America’s only Western Film Museum, previously, known as the Lone Pine Film History Museum.

Want a review? See our Museum video: Lone Pine, Where the Real West Becomes the Reel West


Similar to the Baseball Hall of Fame which is associated with Cooperstown, N.Y., the Museum of Western Film History will always be associated with its heritage in Lone Pine, California.

The new website is built on the newest platforms to permit ease of viewing on the newest technology in phones and tablets while providing across-the-board ease of navigation on all media. 

Our diverse menus will guide you through the Museum website and will provide you with extensive information on the history of Lone Pine, Western Film and the numerous movie locations of the Alabama Hills. The website provides information about all of our events including our major June Concert in the Rocks and the annual October Lone Pine Film Festival. You will also find additional information about travel needs and vital opportunities to support the Museum through Membership and Donations.

Our Museum store, soon to be online, features a broad collection of Western products and Lone Pine collectibles. Your purchases are appreciated and all sales contribute to the Museum’s operations.

We are very excited to begin adding numerous documents, articles, images and video to our museum’s research and archival library. We think those who are intrigued and inquisitive about in Western Film history, will find the Research links very interesting as we work to add to the archives every month. Initial documents include information on movie posters and the Lone Pine film database.

The Museum has an extensive collection of memorabilia, images, documents and posters in our exhibits which support our mission: To collect, preserve, protect, archive and exhibit a variety of original materials containing information of permanent historical value relating to the history and heritage of the American Western Film for the preservation, education and enrichment of the public. The Museum actively pursues collections of personal papers, business and organizational records, as well as memorabilia that reflect and document aspects of Western film history and popular culture for successive generations to discover.

Then & Now – Location, Location, Location

For many, traveling to Lone Pine and the Alabama Hills is about “movie Locations.”  With over 400 movies filmed in the Eastern Sierra, mostly Westerns, visitors come from all over the United States and from international markets: with screenshots or internet images featuring their favorite actors in dramatic scenes and/or action shots primarily on location in the Alabama Hills. Under ‘’Then & Now’’ we share some of our favorite images with you.

At the top of the Home Page, you will find direct links to our Trip Advisor, YELP, and our social media sites including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

In the bottom menu is information on the eight Tesla Supercharging stations adjacent to our parking lot. They provide 20 minute quick charging to many Tesla drivers traveling Highway 395 against the beautiful background of the majestic, Mt, Whitney, and the Eastern Sierra. While your vehicle is charging we invite you to come visit the museum. READ REVIEWS ABOUT THIS TESLA LOCATION.

Extended parking for hikers is available at the museum, and respective parking Permit Forms can be downloaded to help you in your planning; and lastly a note that the Museum is Pet Friendly.

We look forward to your visit. See the top of the page for our hours and days, but it is always best to call and confirm.  (760-876-9909)