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For many years, the film festival was able to place Movie Location Markers in the Alabama Hills during the three- day film festival. Unfortunately, time has taken its toll on the physical markers and new restrictions from the BLM, make this difficult today. But, given new technology and GPS, we are working to create a digital marker APP that will help all find these wonderful movie sites in the future. This page is a beginning toward that goal. 

For many, the trail to Lone Pine and the Alabama Hills is a journey to the movie locations of their silver screen heroes and heroines. A fascination of finding where their favorite movies were filmed and to stand in the same spot as their favorite silver screen legends. To imagine the action and drama of being directed by one of Hollywood’s great film directors and hear the click of the “clapperboard” and the Call for “Action” !

Mouse over each image for then and now!

Bengal Lancer

Cisco Kid and Lady

Cisco Kid and Lady


Gunga Din

Hangmans Knot

Hell Bent

Hoppy Rock


Iron Man

Hoppy Takes a Nap

Lone Ranger Canyon