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For Hours and Days Open - See Contact Us - Admission $8 donation

Every June, Lone Ranger Canyon, located in the magnificent Alabama Hills, in the shadow of the Eastern Sierra, is transformed into an “Under the Stars” venue for hosting Lone Pine’s annual, “Concert in the Rocks.”

The evening traditionally begins with a welcoming reception in the Museum of Western Film History for Museum Members and VIP Ticket holders. Attendees are then transported to the Alabama Hills for a “Best of the Sierra” dinner preceding the show. 

The entertainment starts as early stars grace the evening sky and the setting sun’s shadows become long on the canyon. Soon, veiled lights create unique and mysterious shadows on the canyon walls. Cinematic memories of our Western film heroes become freshly imagined as if it were a long-ago Saturday matinee.

An announcement will be made soon as to the Saturday June 3, 2023 event…

Photo: Thomas Kelsey