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For Hours and Days Open - See Contact Us - Admission $8 donation

The variety of the Museum exhibits will interest young and old alike. Western lovers will appreciate all the information about movies shot here. Cinephiles will enjoy the documentation of many actors and directors and the various movie cameras and early film projector we have in the Museum’s collection. Those interested in the stuntmen will read all about their favorites and learn more about their contributions to movie making. Everyone will enjoy reading about the area and how the Alabama Hills became one of Hollywood’s biggest Western Backlots.

Then you will be prepared for your excursion to the Alabama Hills where you can seek out the exact places where the movies were shot – We have a number of printed guide brochures to help you in your search. Take a selfie in front of those famous rock icons of the western movies (and some Sci-Fi films) and post them on the Museum’s social media sites. Enjoy your stay, please be careful while in the Alabama Hills and subscribe to the motto – “Don’t Crush the Brush.’ and always … We wish you Happy Trails.