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These are some of the popular questions asked by visitors of the General Area.

Where is a good place to eat? The town has many great eating places, from pizza to fine dining. A list of all the restaurants is available on our Gateway to the Sierra page. list of restaurants

What else is there to do in Lone Pine? There are many local points of interest including Mt. Whitney Portal, Cottonwood Creek Charcoal Kilns, an Ashram at 8000’, Olancha Sand Dunes, numerous hiking trails, movie locations, historic cemeteries and many others. The Lone Pine Chamber of Commerce at 120 S. Main Street has maps and brochures to help you plan your exploration of the area. The Eastern Sierra Interagency Visitor Center on Highway 395 just south of Lone Pine has further information.

Where is Mt. Whitney? Whitney is located about 12 miles almost directly west of the museum. A live webcam is located on the museum building providing a continuous view of this peak. Whitney Portal Road runs from downtown Lone Pine west through the Alabama hills to the trailhead for hiking Mt. Whitney (known as Whitney Portal). The webcam can be seen at:

Look West! Mt Whitney is the tallest peak in the continental U.S. at 14,505. See more at

When standing in front of the museum, Mt. Whitney is visually aligned behind the museum looking west. Across the street from the museum, in front of the US Forest Service administrative office, you can look through a mounted scope that sights Mt Whitney directly in the scope. See

Note: Lone Pine Peak is sometimes mistaken for Mt Whitney as it appears to be the tallest peak slightly southwest of the museum, this perspective is distorted because Lone Pine Peak is closer to Lone Pine, but its elevation is 12,949’

Is the Portal open & where are the trailheads? Whitney Portal is generally open from April through October. Whitney Portal Road leads directly to the Portal, where trailheads are marked. Also, please be aware that hiking permits and use restrictions are required within the Whitney Zone. Please consult the The Eastern Sierra Interagency Visitor Center for trailhead information and updates.

How do you get a permit to climb Mt. Whitney? Mt Whitney is a strenuous and popular hike that requires a special permit. Each year, thousands of applicants enter the Mt Whitney lottery in the hopes of obtaining a coveted permit for a specific date. Some same day and walk-up permits are issued when available. See the link above or contact the Eastern Sierra Visitor Center south of Lone Pine. Climbing Mt. Whitney without a permit is prohibited. Are there campgrounds or RV parks in the area? Lone Pine Chamber of Commerce camping information is listed here

What motels/hotels do you recommend in Lone Pine? The community has three major Motels, the Historic Dow Villa, The Best Western Frontier and the Comfort Inn. These are complemented by seven independent hotels and motels – all of whom cater to the travelers needs on Highway 395. list of area hotels  and/or see Traveling in Lone Pine

Where can we board our horses? Tuttle Creek Campground – make advance reservations (760) 872-5008 and Boulder Creek RV Resort has a corral for two or three horses, for reservations call (760) 876-4243

Is there horseback riding in the area? There are two pack stations, Rock Creek Pack Station and McGee Creek Pack Station.

Are there any rodeos in Lone Pine? Lone Pine has a history of Rodeo from the 1940s through the early 1970’s. Unfortunately, rodeo action in the arena behind the Museum is limited to local events.

Can we park in your lot? You are invited to park in our lot to visit the museum or while visiting Lone Pine. Parking/Camping overnight is not permitted and cars/RVs are subject to tow without an extended parking permit. Extended Parking Permits: During the summer hiking season, the museum makes some spaces available in its parking lot for extended long-term hiker parking. For more information and a reservation form, please click here

Who owns the Alabama Hills? The Alabama Hills are owned by the public and managed by the Bureau of Land Management whose regional office is in Bishop, CA.

Where is Mobius Arch? Located about five miles from the museum, the Mobius Arch and others on the trail are naturally eroded granite. The Mobius Arch has been famously photographed by Ansel Adams and many other talented photographers. Walking to the arch from the road requires a short hike. A brochure at the Museum desk has details.

Where is Lone Ranger Canyon? Located about four miles from the museum, Lone Ranger Canyon has been a film location for many movies, including the 1938 Republic Serial – The Lone Ranger. A brochure at the Museum desk has details.

Where are the closest Hot Springs? The closest hot springs are the pools at Keough’s Hot Springs about 8 miles north of Big Pine and 7 miles south of Bishop (approximately 45 minutes drive north of Lone Pine). Built in 1919 they are the still the same pools used today.

How far is Mammoth? Approximately two hours north traveling on Highway 395.

Is there a market in Lone Pine? Yes, Lone Pine Market is a fully stocked grocery store in the middle of town. Food, snacks, beer, and soda are also available at the gas stations.

Are there designated areas for off-roading? Yes, please consult the museum front desk as this option is relatively new in the area. Maps are available at the museum and at the Lone Pine Chamber of Commerce. Don’t crush the brush!

Is there a post office in Lone Pine? Yes, the Lone Pine Post Office is located at the corner of E. Bush Street and N. Jackson.

Is there a local hospital? Yes, the Southern Inyo Hospital is on E. Locust Street; The Southern Inyo Clinic is across the street. Main switchboard  (760) 876-5501